​Brochure about Nursing Home in KSA Middle EAST, homework help

Brochure Topic: Nursing Home in KSA middle east.
110 beds/ For-profit
Brochure Guidelines:
6 sides of the tri- fold
* Name of the Company.
for or not profit
* Include web address and telephone # (Fictional)
* Address (Fictional)
*Mission Statment for your company.
* Services provided.
* Times of Operation.
*Cost for the services.
* if applicable, visiting hours, food prog, security, activities worship service
* 3 small Pic max ( 1 cover, 2 Inside or back Cover)
I know that you will not find enough resource for KSA since they don’t have enough nursing home there so u can use American resource or use it as your mission to increase the knowledge there about nursing home and how important it is.
* Please provide me with extra pic and written outline in separate doc beside the brochure
* Please don’t take this assighment if you dont want to use your cretivuty.


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