Read the following articles and write 2 pages reflection.
1.Why do you believe that sexual harassment occurs?
2.Do you believe that sexual harassment occurs more in our industry that in others? Why?
3.As a manager how would/can you prevent sexual harassment from occurring?
4.What would/should you do if you overhear a co-worker talking about another employee in sexually?
5.Summarize the current event(s) related to Harvey Weinstein and the multiple famous chef’s currently accused of sexual misconduct

Le Cirque Sued by Former Employees for Sexual Harassment
To Hostess, a Dream Restaurant Was a Nightmare
Report: Sexual harassment rampant in the restaurant industry
Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Statistics
The Results of a 1976 Survey of Women About Sexual Harassment At Work Remain Virtually Unchanged In 2017
Please follow MLA Format which is in the attachment.


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