1) ________ is an organizational function and a collection of
processes designed to plan for, create, communicate, and deliver value to
A) Selling
B) Advertising
C) Bartering
D) Marketing
E) Negotiating

2) A company achieves ________ for itself by creating value
for customers.
A) utility
B) needs
C) profits
D) a brand
E) a marketing concept

3) A for-profit firm delivers ________ in exchange for money
from consumers.
A) demand
B) value
C) perceived need
D) perceived want
E) need

4) According to your text, modern marketing has its roots in all
BUT which of the following?
A) anthropology
B) economics
C) psychology
D) sociology
E) statistics

5) Which of the following is the satisfaction received from
owning or consuming a product or service?
A) utility
B) demand
C) valuation
D) want
E) equity

6) Which of the following is most likely to happen when a consumer
does not perceive that a product has utility?
A) The customer will not buy the product.
B) The customer will research the product before buying it.
C) The customer will buy the product without conducting
D) The customer will have a perceived need for the product.
E) The customer will not be influenced by marketing.

7) ________ are necessities to meet urgent requirements.
A) Needs
B) Wants
C) Demands
D) Utilities
E) Equities

8) ________ are desires for things that are not essential.
A) Needs
B) Wants
C) Demands
D) Values
E) Equities

9) ________ is an individual’s financial capacity to buy what
she wants.
A) Value
B) Demand
C) Social need
D) Utility
E) Exchange

10) A ________ is a promise to deliver to a consumer specific
benefits associated with a product or service.
A) brand
B) perceived need
C) demand
D) value
E) utility



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