1.    What are the main purposes of business reports? (Obj. 1)
2.    Describe the writing style of typical business reports. (Obj. 1)
3.    Name five common report formats. (Obj. 1)
4.    List the seven steps in the report-writing process. (Obj. 2)
5.    What is a statement of purpose, and what function does it serve? (Obj. 2)
6.    Compare primary data and secondary data. Give an original example of each. (Objs. 3, 4)
7.    Name at least two of the top four business databases and identify their chief strengths. (Objs. 3, 5)
8.    List four major sources of primary information. (Obj. 4)
9.    How can you ensure that your survey will be effective and appeal to as many respondents as possible? (Obj. 4)


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