1. Why did they choose this career? How long have they been in this career, what was
their progression?
2. What is their education?
3. What activities/functions do they perform?
4. What is their level of management?
5. What department do they work in?
6. Their approach to management? (roles, functions, skills)
7. What do they do to help the organization be efficient and effective?
8. Ask what opportunities and/or threats are evident in their industry as a result of
pressures and changes in customers, competitors, and suppliers.
9. Ask him/her to describe a situation in which he or she is highly likely to act in
accordance with his or her values. Have they had to do this?
10. Does their organization have a code of ethics? Ethics officer or committee?
11. How do they remain compliant with discrimination laws?
12. What is the best/worst decision you have made and why?
13. How do they make decisions?
14. What are their corporate-, business-, and functional-level strategies? How are they
15. What is the type of organizational structure that his/her organization uses? Has it
changed while they have been working there?
16. What are the main performance measures that he/she uses to evaluate how well the
organization is doing?
17. What are the main forms of output control and behavior control that he/she uses to
monitor and evaluate employee behavior?
18. What is their organizational culture? Norms, values, ceremonies, etc.
19. What techniques do they use to motivate employees? How do they motivate
intrinsically and extrinsically?
20. What is their leadership style? How did they develop it?
21. What types of groups and teams does their organization use?
22. How do they recruit and select employees?
23. How do they evaluate employees?
24. What types of information systems do they use at work? Computer systems in
25. What is their preferred method of communication, face-to-face, written, e-mail, etc.?
26. How do they measure quality, efficiency, and responsiveness to customer needs?
27. What do they think it takes to succeed in management?
1. The person you select should have been in management around five years.
2. This paper need to be five pages minimum, single-spaced, and 12pt font.
3. It also needs to have a cover sheet, table of contents, and a copy of questions in your



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