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Please Don’t copy from internet. Answer 15 questions. I need it within a week. Some of the questions are required to read the book try to find it online. Other questions you can answer it in your way.

1)Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

2)Jane Austen, Persuasion

From one to two pages each question.
1)In an essay explain what Aristotle means when he says the moral virtue is the result of habit.
2) In an essay explain what Aristotle means by courage and why courage is important.
3) In an essay explain what Aristotle means by the word “justice.”
4) In an essay explain what Aristotle means by practical wisdom.
5) In an essay explain what moral strength.
6) In an essay words explain what happiness is.
7) In an essay compare the ethical principles of Aristotle with those Jesus.
8) In an essay explain what Jesus means by the Kingdom of God.
9) In an essay explain Jesus position on moral tradition.
10) In an essay how did the industrial revolution affect accepted morality.
11) In an essay explain how will technology change human beings.
12) In an essay take one character of Persuasion and show how that person’s imagination affects that person’s ethical actions?
13) In an essay compare Captain Wentworth with Aristotle’s ideal person.
14) In an essay explain what Jane Austen means by elegance and give examples.
15) In an essay explain the significance of the title of Persuasion.
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