250 words apa style 10

Discuss specific ways Excel can be used in a business or education setting. Use your own words. Provide examples and summarize the article or articles you chose to review. This means you should have no quoted information in your post.
Writing Expectations – Full essay form can but does not have to be used. This being said, all initial responses should be divided into logical paragraphs. Work should be proofed for grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization mistakes.
Word Length requirement – Minimum of 250 words
Minimum Source Requirement – Two applicable and well-integrated sources from scholarly articles
****NOTE ***** For the purpose of all assignments, Bethel counts the textbook as a scholarly source.
**** As technology changes constantly, source information should not be older than five years old.
Click for a link of sources which fit the timeline and appear to be on topic – Disclaimer – I did not review all of these sources. This is your job.
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