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We will examine the central rival to utilitarianism–Kantianism, based on the 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant.  Whereas utilitarianism bases morality on choosing the action that will maximize happiness and minimize suffering, Kantianism is based on the idea of duty and rights. Kant is not an easy philosopher, so don’t worry if you find his ideas at times hard to grasp. Just do your best. Next week, I will share my own thoughts on the debate between utilitarianism and Kantianism.Kantianism:
http://justiceharvard.org/lecture-11-mind-your-motive/  (normal 1-page summary)
http://justiceharvard.org/lecture-12-the-supreme-principle-of-morality/ (normal 1-page summary)
 http://justiceharvard.org/lecture-13-a-lesson-in-lying/  (normal 1-page summary)


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