5247 Topic: Hypothetical ILAC Question
Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)
Number of sources: 1
Writing Style: Other
Type of document: Coursework
Category:   Legal Issues
Language Style: English (U.S.)
Order Instructions:
I’ve attached 4 files with this document. The text file “1775247.txt” has the instructions. The first one “roblem_Solving_Assignment__T2__2018___Final_.pdf” is the Assignment guidelines and rules, for this one I only want you to write the 3 pages on the ILAC hypothetical question and not the short answer questions, I WILL DO THE SHORT ANSWER ONES.
The next file is “Model_ILAC_Hypothetical_Answer_for_Students.docx” a model answer to the ILAC question you can use to reference for answering, just showing how it should be answered and formatted, I’m sure you know about it though.
The final file is a powerpoint “Australia_consumer_Law_Lecture_Slides.pptx” that is used to help answer the question. It should have most of the case references and information on Australia Consumer Law to support your answer. 
Order Instructions 1775247.txt
Source Materials:


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