31) Marketing logistics involves which of the followingflows of products and information?A) outbound and inbound onlyB) outbound, inbound, and reverseC) inbound and reverse onlyD) outbound and reverse onlyE) outbound only32) ________ logistics controls the movement of productsfrom points of production to consumers.A) InboundB) ReverseC) OutboundD) VerticalE) Horizontal33) ________ logistics concerns the methods consumers use tosend products to a producer for return or repair.A) InboundB) ReverseC) OutboundD) VerticalE) Horizontal34) Which of the following is NOT an area of responsibilityfor a logistics manager?A) informationB) storage locationC) marketingD) inventoryE) production35) Instead of handling its logistics systems internally, afirm could hire a(n) ________ company to manage all or part of its distributionnetwork.A) just-in-timeB) RFIDC) SKUD) TMSE) 3PL36) To reduce inventory management costs, many companies usea system called ________, which involves having goods delivered exactly whenthey are needed.A) reduction-inventory managementB) just-in-time inventory managementC) limited inventory logisticsD) supply chain managementE) economic order quantity37) A producer that minimizes possession time would be mostlikely to expect which of the following benefits?A) better information flows among channel membersB) more easily accessible storage locationsC) greater production capabilityD) reduced horizontal conflictE) reduced vertical conflict38) Physical distribution focuses on ________ logistics.A) inboundB) horizontalC) verticalD) outboundE) reverse39) ________ refers to the storage of goods awaitingtransport or shipping.A) ProduceB) InventoryC) DistributionD) BulkE) Supply40) Of the three parties involved in the distributionprocess, ________ are responsible for receiving the distributed goods.A) shippersB) brokersC) agentsD) carriersE) consignees “Looking for a Similar Assignment? writersThe post 31) Marketing logistics involves which of the following flows of products and information? A)… appeared first on Graduate Paper Help. “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”


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