341 c lecture: introduction and popular culture

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Use the PPT. Answer the following questions using the information from the lecture. (jUST SHORT ANSWER)
1.  What is the late policy for this class. 
2.  The Caribbean is the home of many, many different genres of music. However, this class will focus particularly on two forms of music. Which two genres of music will we focus on? 
3.  The Caribbean is home to many different religions. However, in this class we will focus on how two particular Caribbean religions have been interpreted and represented in the media. Which two religions will we focus on? 
4.  why should we study the Caribbean? 
5.  What is one of the major objectives of communication scholarship stated in the lecture? 
6.  In what ways is protest music an example of hegemony? 
7.  Prof Harewood suggested two reasons why audience members might ignore the dominant hegemonic messages in popular culture. What were those two reasons? 
In your own words describe 

Popular culture as folk culture
Popular culture as deliberately made to be well-liked
Popular culture as a zone of political struggle. 

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