350 words eachThe essays are in Information Management. The only book and source should be Essentials of MIS by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon, 2019 Pearson. Each essay will need to have an introduction, body and conclusion. Would you like the questions?1) Please read “Business Problem solving case: Did Information Systems cause Deutsche Bank to stumble? On pages 35-36 of the answer the following: What was the role of information technology at Deutsche Bank? How was IT related to the bank’s operational efficiency, decision making capability, and business strategy? Was Deutsche Bank using technology effectively to pursue its business strategy? Explain your answer.2) Please read Business-solving case: How reliable is Big Data? on pages 226-227 of the text and answer the following. What business benefits did the organizations described in this case achieve by analyzing and using big data? Explain the limitations of using big data. Identify two decisions at the organizations described in this case that were improved by using Big Data and two decisions that were not improved by using Big Data.3) Please read “Business Problem Solving Case: “How supply chain management problems killed Target Canada” on pages 343-345 of the text answer the following: Identify the problems Target Canada encountered that prevented it from being a successful retailer and what were the people, organization, and technology factors that contributed to these problems? How much of Target Canada’s problems were technology based? Explain your answer: How responsible was management for Target Canada’s problems? Explain your answer. What things should Target Canada have done differently to be successful?4) Please read “Business problem-solving case: A nasty ending for Nasty Gal” on pages 387-388 of the text and answer the following: How was social media related to Nasty Gal’s business model? To what extent was Nasty Gal a “social” business? What people, organizations, and technology problems were responsible for Nasty Gal’s failure as a business? Could Nasty Gal have avoided bankruptcy? Explain your answer.

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