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Access the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website. Based on what is listed on that website, summarize the steps a firm must take to process an item for export. (200-300) words

Chapter 9:

Using a browser such as Google, type “Images for bill of lading example” and select a completed bill of lading of interest. First, identify the type of bill of lading chosen (i.e. ocean, uniform, to-order, negotiable, non-negotiable, intermodal, airway bill, etc.). Then discuss at least three particular areas on the bill that you find intriguing. For example, you may find special handling instructions for lifting and handling the cargo. Do not simply echo back information off the form.
The US Export Administration Regulation (EAR) is particularly interested in export items that are considered dual use. What is a dual use item? Provide examples of dual use items.

Chapter 10:

What is meant by the term “general average”? Provide an example with your answer. Do you feel it is fair practice?
Lloyd’s of London is not an insurance company but rather a marketing company that brokers deals with other insurers for many unusual risks such as insuring satellites. It does so by finding a group of “members” willing to assume (insure) these type risks. Using the internet or any other source, investigate and discuss a recent news article involving Lloyd of London and logistics & supply chain management.

please reference textbook

Supply Chain ManagementAuthor: Sunil ChopraISBN: 978013380057

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