Please answer this paper based on rubric and directions-Teachers will work with a number of family structures, situations, and diverse children in their classrooms. Providing support to families and advocating for the best interest of the child is critical in the role of an educator.Begin this assignment by researching your local community demographics. Access web-based  data related to age, ethnicity, gender, language, religion (if possible), housing, household composition, employment status, and income. Your city’s webpage and U.S. Census data will probably be your primary resources, but you are encouraged to find others, as long as they are reliable and credible.Compile the information you found on your community into a 500-750 word essay describing the following:An overview of your community demographics.Ways  you could structure family/community events and encourage family volunteering.How you could support the school/home connection that would build a positive and respectful  learning climate and be appealing to the diverse populations your school is serving.Technological resources that could be used  to communicate such opportunities to these audiences.Support your findings with 3-5 scholarly resources.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style GuideReadings-
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