JWI599 week 7:Discussion:Funding Your Plan and ROI
(1) View the video on Project Economics Basics in this week’s EOP videos and then use the Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet 
 to calculate ROI, Payback, and IRR for your strategic initiative. The spreadsheet will calculate these items for you, but you will need to input the data from your analysis and forecasts, including:

The expected revenue impact for the organization from your plan
The costs of launching your plan, including:

Acquisition and/or sale of assets
Salary expenses including hiring, training or performance bonuses, if applicable
Manufacturing, marketing, operations overhead, etc.

Ongoing operating expenses that will be tied to the initiative once it is launched
Cost savings (if your project is focused on operational improvements)

(2) Review your cost-benefit analysis in the worksheet and briefly answer these questions:

How will you fund the startup and ongoing costs for your strategic initiative?
How will your plan improve the organization’s financial health relative to its competitors?
How does your plan compare to your company’s average (or industry average) profit margins for similar projects or services?
Why is your proposed plan superior to other options to strengthen the long-term financial health of the organization?

Important: Attach your completed Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet with your initial post. 


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