The attachment is the guideline of how to write philosophy essay
paper 1 (1050 words )
Please select a question from the list below, and make sure to clearly state the question you are answering at the start of your essay.
1. Does one need to appeal to God and religion in order to make sense of an objective morality?
2. What is the Euthyphro dilemma, and what problem does it pose for divine command ethical theory?
3. Describe, and critically evaluate, at least one version of the social contract theory of morality.
4. What is the prisoners’ dilemma, and what, if anything, does it tell us about the relationship between pursuing our own self-interest and engaging in social cooperation?
5. What is moral expressivism, and how does it differ from a moral error theory? In what sense are these views forms of moral anti-realism?
6. What is moral relativism, and what kinds of considerations motivate such a view? Are any of these considerations persuasive?
paper 2 (Each paper is 1050 words)
Please select one question from the list below, and make sure to clearly state the question you are answering at the start of your essay.
(1) What is the ‘Mary’ problem against physicalism, and how effective is it?
(2) What are philosophical zombies, and what problem are they meant to pose for physicalism? How plausible is the zombie argument?
(3) What is the argument from illusion, and how is it used to motivate indirect realism over direct realism? Is it effective?
(4) What is the problem of fiction, and how do you think one should respond to it?
(5) Can the B-series capture everything there is about the nature of time? If not, what does it leave out?
(6) What are abstract objects? Are there any?
(7) What is the most persuasive mereological account of the relationship between parts and wholes? Defend your answer.
(8) What is an indispensability argument? What problems do such arguments face?
(9) How should we demarcate genuine science from pseudo-science?
(10) Critically evaluate the merits of scientific realism by focusing on what you take to be either the strongest argument in its defense or the strongest argument against it.
(11) Why is there something rather than nothing?
(12) What is the problem of evil, and how compelling is it as an argument for God’s non-existence?
(13) Is it ever rational to have faith in God?
(14) Does immortality have any essential role to play in an account of the meaning of life?
(15) Is death necessary for one’s life to be meaningful?
(16) If all that exists is the natural world, then can life ever be meaningful?
Each paper is 1050 words  
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