Develop a parent newsletter for an Early Childhood Program (Birth-3rd grade) over a selected topic. You can focus on one age group or grade.· The content and format of the newsletter should be appropriate and engaging for the families to whom it is targeted. The newsletter should be at least two pages (print double sided) and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Please have someone review the newsletter before submitting it to D2L.· The newsletter will be sent to the instructor electronically (via D2L) for distribution to the Langston University CCAMPIS Participants. · The newsletter should contain the sections listed below but you can include additional topics. Parent Education:· Provide information related to topics such as child development, discipline, guidance techniques, learning theories, nutrition and/or health needs.· Parent education information should be based on sound research in child development and education but written in a down-to-earth way.· All references should be properly cited within the body of the newsletter, severe grading penalties result when one does not give proper credit to one’s resources. This instructor does not expect this to be all original work, so cite when it is appropriate to do so. · The in-text citation should be author’s name and date (i.e. Young, 2020). You will also need to have a references section with the full citation. (author’s name, date, publication title, name of magazine, book, etc., and page numbers). Use APA format for the reference section.Community resources:· Compile a list of agencies in the community that can help families (i.e. financial assistance, health care, counseling, housing, and literacy, resources for children with disabilities and from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds). · Include information about the agency; eligibility requirement, contact person, address and telephone number. The newsletter should have no fewer than 3-5 resources.Upcoming Events:· List community events related to the topic that parents can attend with or without their children· Event details should be provided (date, location, cost, etc.)

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