Your entry should be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500 words .
Consider a topic for an argument you believe is very important—so important, that you would do whatever is in your power, or which through honing your skills could be in your power, as a writer, to convince others of its importance. You will be writing an argument along these lines as one of your assignments, but instead of being given a topic, you will choose one which you firmly believe should be developed into an argument because it matters to you.
Using the SPARK handout on brainstorming, spend some time generating ideas related to your topic and how this topic can be developed and specified to make a working thesis.
After doing these things, write a Journal entry reflecting on what you would like to accomplish by writing an argument on the topic you have chosen. You are not writing an outline or draft for the argument.
Although you will need to know what your topic is, and although you should have generated ideas about the topic and how to make it into an argument, the purpose of this journal entry is to suggest what you hope your argument might make possible.
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