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IRS Field Audits are the most in-depth and detailed level of IRS audit examinations. Unlike other audit types, field audits are conducted only by IRS Revenue Agents — the most highly trained type of auditor used by the IRS. Revenue Agents typically have an accounting degree and have completed substantial tax related course work. Many are even licensed CPAs. In addition, many Revenue Agents “specialized” on a particular industry and therefore have a great deal of familiarity with the normal ranges for income and expenses for your specific type of business.

Format your assignment to APA standards.
Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab as a Microsoft® Word document.
Identify a specific job within a specific company that you might be interested in applying for after you graduate from the University of Phoenix.
Research the job and the field in general, as well as ethical issues managerial accountants have faced that would pertain to that field. Also, educate yourself on the basics of operations within the job and company you have selected.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper to include the following:

Summarize the main duties of the job.
Describe a specific ethical issue you might face in that position using 2 credible sources to support your description.
Summarize the IMA’s standards of ethical practice and conflict resolution guide.
Analyze how the IMA’s standards of ethical practice and conflict resolution guide applies to the ethical issue.
Predict how you would handle the ethical issue.
Hypothesize what would happen if no one in the company followed the IMA’s standards of ethical practice.
Assess why it is important to follow the IMA’s standards of ethical practice.
Design or name any methods of internal controls you think could prevent or detect the unethical behavior in the future.

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