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The revolution of Physics redefined the 20th century. It changed the way we viewed science and the way we saw time. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity which examined moving bodies at a constant speed and his General Theory of Relativity, which addressed the acceleration and deceleration of moving bodies. These theories have changed the way we view time, and through these theories, we can observe it. Einstein didn’t use expensive equipment to tests his theories; instead, he used thought experiments to define and support his arguments. This approach enabled Einstein’s ideas to enter the cultural consciousness in ways unlike other work in theoretical physics (Bowles, 2012). Einstein was a pioneer of modern physics, and his discoveries were known all over the world.
Charles Darwin and his book On the Origin of Species has also defined the 19th century; it changed the way we viewed human evolution. “Darwin was at the beginning of a new way to think about evolution that went far beyond the inheritance of acquired characteristics or the significance of the environment as a mechanism for shaping a species” (Bowles, 2012). With his new idea of natural selection which states that all species endured a struggle for existence, and survival was determined by the inherited traits that vet enabled an organism to exist and have offspring (Bowler & Morus, 2005). This new theory can change the way we view ourselves and the creation of humankind. No wonder it took Darwin 20 years for him to publish his book because he was afraid of how society would understand his discovery.
I believe that Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection was harder to accept by society than Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Charles Darwin’s theory wants against the practices of the church that states that God made humans and that we did not evolve from animals. In a way, the 19th century was not ready to believe in the theory of Natural Selection. When Albert Einstein introduced his theory of relativity in the 20th century, our society has progressed to be more open to new discoveries, and we have begun to separate science from religion.
Bowles, M. & Kaplan, B. (2012). Science and culture throughout history. San Diego, California: Bridgepoint Education


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