Analysis sheet 1 questions: “the yellow wallpaper” and “young goodman

Analysis Sheet One
“The Yellow Wallpaper”

Why      was the lady admitted to the home? What was it called then, and what is it called now?

What      profession did the Lady’s husband and brother share, and why was it      important?

Describe      the place in which the lady was confined.

Do you      think the wallpaper, her husband, or both contribute to her insanity and      why?

What      do you think she means by the statement, “I have finally gotten out!”?

“Young Goodman Brown”

What      might the pink ribbons stand for in Faith’s hair?

What      symbolic meaning do the forest; Faith; the town’s name, Salem; the road; and      the staff in the story have?

What      do you think the name Young Goodman Brown means?

Why      does Brown want to go into the forest?

How      does his trip change his perception of the town and all the people in the      town including his wife?


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