NAME: _______________________________________________________________

COURSE #: ___________________________________________________________

PAPER TITLE: ________________________________________________________

______The intro determines the scope of the paper, is long enough, and takes the reader

gradually to the thesis. (15 points)

______ Thesis is debatable (persuasive, expresses an opinion about the piece of

literature), precise, related to the topic, and clearly stated as the last sentence of

the intro; no more than two sentences. It’s not an announcement: “In this paper

I’m going to…” or “This paper is about…”; it’s not a question either. (15 points).

______There is coherence and unity (topic sentence refers to thesis) within each

individual body paragraph (see thesis) and between paragraphs. Paragraphs

develop and support thesis with evidence, examples from the text (not from real

life), show analytical ability. (20 points)

______Direct quotes and paraphrasing are introduced, explained, and enough, relevant to

support thesis and coherently integrated in the paper. (15 points)

______Paper is formatted and presented with accurate MLA documentation (in-text

citations for run-in and long quotations). (15 points)

______Grammar, mechanics, transitions, spelling (10 points)

______Length (3 to 5 pages) and title of paper (5 points)

______The topic is a reflection/analysis of an aspect of a piece of literature covered in

Class. (5 points)


Note: Please print out and submit with paper.


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