Global Project Management Paper

Task: Enjoy a movie, TV show, news report, or serial drama that you believe highlights the PM principles (e.g., triple constraints and success determinants). Analyze it using the given report template below and complete the following tasks.
Choose between option a (Word doc with PMI numbering scheme) and b (MS Project file with MS Project numbering scheme) below:
a. Develop a WBS in tabular format in a Word document for the above project identified in the media. Make sure you indicate the WBS code using PMI numbering scheme for the tasks.
Or, alternatively:
b. Enter the project information in a MS Project file. Specify the project properties properly (with reasonable assumption if any), add tasks and sub-tasks to the project, and indicate their WBS code using MS Project numbering scheme (i.e., outline number). For submission purpose, you can either print screen of the WBS table into a Word file or submit the .mpp MS Project file as a separate attachment.

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