annotated bibliography the affordable care act

I will need someone who can commit to completing several assignments that will be building on the final paper.
The paper must focus on the United States government policy of The Affordable Care Act. Ideally on how this impacts the Healthcare industry.
It is important to remember that the paper will focus on a specific policy and that this paper will need to address the following components:

Historical and constitutional basis for the American government’s structure
The system of checks and balances
The various roles (e.g., public opinion, media, special interest groups, etc.) concerning public policy and elections
The voting system and election process

The outline/worksheet required will be attached- POL 201 Wk2 Annotated Bib Worksheet
In addition to establishing your topic and the thesis for your paper, you will also provide an Annotated Bibliography for four of the sources you intend to utilize to support your Final Paper. Each annotation should be a minimum of one full paragraph (five sentences) in length and should explain what the source discusses and how this links to your Final Paper topic. While your textbook can be utilized as a source, it does not count towards your four sources for this assignment. As your paper progresses, it is expected that you will find more sources to support your ideas for a minimum of eight sources that are required for the final, with a minimum of five of those sources from the University Library databases. This research is necessary to develop a strong Final Paper.
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