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Respond to both below questions with a minimum 250 word response. (Chapter eight page is attached.)

Chapter 8 of the textbook addresses the prevalence of Domestic Violence. Identify and discuss the factors faced by police during domestic violence calls and the issue of mandatory arrest. Do you agree or disagree with mandatory arrest policies for domestic violence calls? Why or why not?
The National Security Administration’s Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) was developed as an intelligence gathering tool to assist in the investigation and prosecution of terrorist-related activity. The TSP and the Bush Administration came under a great deal of criticism from members of Congress as well as civil rights organizations such as the ACLU and Amnesty International. Critics of the TSP referred to the program as “domestic spying,” and President Bush was frequently accused of acting “above the law” in instituting the TSP without Congressional approval. Based on your readings in the textbook, the additional reading material provided, and your own, personal research, do you believe the President acted “above the law” or within his powers as delegated by the U.S. Constitution when he approved the TSP without seeking Congressional approval? Why or why not?

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