answer the following questions based on the reading and video

Look at Access the Nike FY 2018 Impact Report(… ), read the ‘About This Report†page (page 2), read the linked CEO letter (page 5)
Quickly read through the major reported items at…
Watch the TED talk with Steve Howard, former Chief Sustainability Officer at Ikea [13:18] Link:…
Watch the TED talk with Harish Manwani, former COO of Unilever [7:49]. Link:…

A) Why are Nike, Ikea, and Unilever addressing sustainability? What are the primary drivers?
B) What elements of sustainability are they addressing?

Evaluate the content of the company and supplier codes of conduct as published in Social Accountability Internationalâ€s SA8000 standard(;jsessionid=37DF19…)

The 10 principles in the UN Global Compact(…)

The Fair Labor Associationâ€s Workplace Code of Conduct (

The International Organization for Standardizationâ€s ISO 26000 (select ‘Preview our standards†on the right side of the site.) (…)

What are the objectives of the codes? What elements/issues appear in all four codes? Why do you think there are differences?
D) Review either Unileverâ€s or Ikeaâ€s or Nikeâ€s or Appleâ€s supplier code of conduct. How closely does it overlap with the codes you evaluated above? Does it support what you heard or saw in Part A of this question?
(400-500 words) Not including questions

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