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Topic 1: The Language of Preservation
1. How many Secretary of the Interior’s Standards are there? Name one of the Standards?
2. What are the 5 R’s in preservation; name them?
Topic 2: The History of Historic Preservation
1.How did the preservation movement start in America?
2.Name one of the most significant individuals in the history of Historic Preservation in America and why?
Topic 3: Historic Districts
1.Name the Historic District that established zoning in America in 1931?
2.Name thenationally recognized Historic District that was recreated?
Topic 4: Preservation Legislation “Neighborhood Planning References”
1.Name the most significant act passed by Congress that established historic preservation in America, in w hat year?
2. Name the legislation that gave rise to the “economic engine” in historic preservation?
Topic 5: Preservation Planning “Historic Structures Report”
1.What is the sole purpose of the Historic Structures Report (HSR)
2. Name one of the components of the HSR?
Topic 6: Identification “Periods vs. Styles”
1. Name the period associated with the eraand one of the corresponding styles?
2.Name on of the movement that is not a period or a style?
3.Name one vernacular building type?
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