FINAL PAPER SUBMISSION: 1300-1500 words  (EXCLUDING the Cover Memorandum, references, footnotes, Appendices, tables, etc.)Single-spacedAt least four academic sources, plus others (total minimum of 6)APA style preferred, any accepted if used appropriatelyPaper Two Parts:  Cover Memorandum:One page transmittal documentPurpose of report (Why doing it?)Target audience (Who asked for it?)Process used to study subject (BRIEFLY)FindingsApplication (How can it be used?)    Paper Itself:1300-1500 words minimumIntroduction to Topic:One paragraph: Why is topic important today?Research Question:One paragraph, including hypothesis, definitions of variables used and found through studiesResults of Research:Findings from research study by study, separately presentedConclusions:What does it show when all studies considered?Implications:What does it mean?  How can it be useful?  This is where you can draw conclusions and as long as they are within limits of studies covered.Recommendations:What should one do based upon these findings?  These are your informed recommendations based upon research.  This is where you tell people what you think they should do based upon what you found.ReferencesUse a minimum of 4 academic, plus others to make minimum of 6 references overall.  You may use more.  USE PROPER FORMAT “Looking for a Similar Assignment? writersThe post Are satisfaction levels higher in people who work from home? first appeared on nursing writers.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”


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