Article 1 for 200-300  words 
Select an article that touches on the ethical concepts you learned from this week.  Post a summary of your article for discussion with your classmates, and answer the following question:
What ethical dilemmas did you notice in your article review for this week? Provide examples and incorporate concepts you learned from the textbook (include reference). 
this week we will be learning about Defining and Prioritizing Stakeholders, and Society, The Environment, and Government. The materials presented this week provide opportunities will allow you to: Assess the role of ethics in a business environment. Select key types of business stakeholder relationships that are important to advances business ethics in the workplace.
Article 2 300-350 words 
Read the What Would You Do scenario on page 81 of your textbook as provided below and answer the questions that follow:
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines is owned by individual investors and the Malaysian government, which took over thecompany in 2014 after two mysterious jet crashes. The airline has lost money and struggled since thattime, going through three CEOs. The current CEO, Peter Bellew, is experienced in tourism and travel andhas been asked to cut costs and increase revenues. His strategy is to maximize the number of MalaysianMuslims (who make up more than 60 percent of the population) flying to Mecca for hajj, the annual holypilgrimage and an obligation for all Muslims who are well enough to travel and can afford the trip. Bellewplans to provide charter flights to make the pilgrimage easier on travelers.
Critical Thinking• Describe the passenger stakeholder claims on Malaysia Airlines.• Describe the government stakeholder claims on Malaysia Airlines.


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