K1 Outline the relationship between strategic human resource management, business strategies and human resourcefunctionsK2 Discuss the links between strategic human resource management and organisational strategy, structure, cultureand policyK3 Evaluate the impact of Australia’s industrial relations environment on strategic human resource managementK4 Assess the extent to which a strategic approach to human resource management can lead to sustainablecompetitive advantage for an organisationK5 Apply a theoretical perspective to the evaluation of human resource policies and practicesK6 Compare and contrast the theoretical and practical perspectives of strategic human resource managementSkillsS1 Recommend changes to human resource policies and practices in order to facilitate a more strategic approach tohuman resource managementS2 Investigate and evaluate evidence of the link between strategic human resource management and long-termorganisational performanceS3 Debate the role of strategic human resource management in achieving recognition as an ‘employer of choice’S4 Evaluate the impact of environmental factors on strategic human resource managementS5 Assess the impediments to human resource management playing a more integral role in overall organisationalstrategyApplication of knowledge and skillsA1 Independently apply the theoretical perspectives of strategic human resource management to the evaluation offunctional, operational and strategic human resource policies and activitiesA2 Critically evaluate the benefits that can be achieved by ensuring that human resource strategy plays an integralrole in the development of overall organisational strategy


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