Complete the Keirsey Assessment (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Then, write two sentences about the following:
a) thoughts about the assessment and its questions?
b) initial reaction to your results?
c) feelings about your results?
d) thoughts about the way this information can be used to improve your business communications?
e) What’s something unique about you that isn’t on your resume? Why is this important for your career and/or future?
f) How will your best strength help you perform in a professional office?
g) Describe a time that a personal weakness was an issue. How was it resolved?
h) Describe your preferred work environment. How would you cope if this environment doesn’t align with your vision for an ideal workplace.
i) How do you deal with difficult people? What lessons from your past helped you to obtain this perspective?
j) Describe a major goal that you achieved. Then, detail the process used to accomplish/achieve it.

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