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Complete the Faculty Assessment Packet as outlined in the Course Resources area. Submit your answers to this assignment here as a WORD document.
Do not include the questions/scenarios presented to you. Note that the grading criteria is included for you to have an idea of how your post will be scored.
SECR 6000_Faculty Assessment Package_.doc
The Faculty Assessment Packet is an assessment of a course/courses to determine to what extent students are learning the desired course outcomes. Your participation in this activity is a critical and integral element in the overall continuing assessment program for Webster University. A maximum of 5 points of your course grade is available for this Assessment Exam. The Packet is available here and is attached under Class Resources. These points adjust the score for the Power Point to a maximum of 8 and for the Research Paper to a maximum of 77. These modified scores are solely for facilitating the assessment program. Your “Assessment” score will be reflected in the Grade Book. Please complete the assessment during Week 7, providing only your answers/responses. We have been asked to forward scores coincidental with final course grades. Thank you in advance for your participation.
Post your completed FAP response in Word as an attachment in here for scoring.
Thank you in advance for your participation.
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