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The successful operation of any alarm system depends on its proper installation and maintenance by the alarm installing company and the appropriate use of the system by the customer (Fennelly, 2013).
Write 3 to 6 pages not including your heading and reference pages on the following questions.
1. What are some of the factors a homeowner or businesses operator should consider when acquiring an alarm system? List and explain at least three factors.
2. Presently, video security system hardware is based on new technology that takes advantages of the significant aid in microprocessor computing power, solid-state and magnetic memory, digital processing, wired and wireless video signal transmission, etc. Using credible sources to support your response, what are some of the importance security strategies for video security?
REQUIREMENTS: For this assignment you will provide at least 8 in-text citation with corresponding reference list. The recommended pages do not include your header or reference list. Please cite according to APA 6th Edition using Times Roman 12 Font and double space. Please use the IP header provided in the classroom. Ensure that you indent all paragraphs, use sub-header to differentiate point of discussion, and make sure that each paragraph has at least 4 solid sentences directing towards the sub-header. Finally, your Safe Assign (SA) score you be less than 30%.

Task 2:
Using proper APA formatting write an initial 200-300-word discussion paper relating to the following. Initial post is due on Wednesday.
Part 1

What are some the factors you would consider while purchasing glass windows for your organization and why?
Given the physical threats of today, do you believe bullet resistance glasses or windows are appropriate for most private and public enterprises? Please explain.

Initial posts for discussion board are due on Wednesdays of each week. You need to also respond to two classmates’ posts with at least 100 words for each response by Saturday. For this assignment; you need to have at least six different in-text citations (2 for each question) that correspond with your reference page. Please use the library as all cited sources must be credible.

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