Eating Disorder Assignment
Listed are two teens with Eating Disorders.Write a 150-word paragraph for both teens that describe possible signs of the disorder that other people might notice.Make sure to include the health consequences that each teen might have.Also If these two were your friends how would you help them?
Mary is 14.She is 5’7” tall and weighs 110-pounds, she looks in the mirror and sees a fat person.At lunch with her parents she tells that that she is not hungry and she will eat later. However, Mary does not eat later because she is starving herself in silence. She has not told anyone. She has eaten less than 500 calories per day for the last 2 weeks.
Sam is 17.He is a wrestler.Sam is the best in his weight class.However, if he gains 5 pounds he will get bumped up a class and have to wrestle larger guys.Same exercises excessively and he takes laxatives to lose weight.He has thrown up a few times after he eats fast food with his friends.Sam does not eat or drink the day before he gets weighed in for the match.Immediately after weigh-in, Sam eats excessively for energy before he wrestles.

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