1- What are the factors that I need to consider when I select in-house vs outsourced IT solution?
2-Identify the key decision drivers?
3-What are the utilized solutions for decision making?
4-Which CSOs are considered?
Deliverable: 1-2 page report based on your readings and answers to the questions above.

Chapter(s): 11
Topic Details:
● Agile Methodologies: Review and summary
● Case study: Agile / SCRUM
● Managing multiple projects o Multiple workstream projects o Managing risks
● Data and content integration and management: master data management, content management and federated search
● Project governance ● POCs (Proof of Concepts)
● POCs vs. Prototypes vs. Pilots

professor command on assignment#2:
Thanks for showing the network diagram. Next time I would like you to show relationships, Milestones, and use Microsoft project. But your order is perfect.
In WBS, activities are grouped into group processes (initiation, planning, execution/ implementation, testing and controlling, and closing). To learn more review Chapter 6.
So instead of saying creating, it should be implementing or building (to code)
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