Imagine self in the role as client and apply techniques commonly used in postmodern approaches to to you as a client. (Application)
Exploration and reflection of your personal counseling style. (Caring & Learning How to Learn)

Directions: Assume the perspective of a postmodern therapist, and show how you would proceed by answering the questions related to you as a client.
(1) Assume your therapist asks you what you most want to accomplish from your therapy (or to state your major therapeutic goal). In concrete terms, what would be one important goal you want to accomplish?
(2) Imagine a problem that you might want to address. If your therapist said, “Tell me about a time when your problem did not exist,” what would you say?

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(3) Assume your therapist asks you: “If a miracle happened and the problem you have was solved overnight, how would you know it was solved, and what would be different?” How might you reply?
apa format and just number responses

Margins – 1 Inch
Font – Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri (12pt)
Spacing – Double
Length – No Page Length (Questions must be answered thoroughly)
Number your responses

As a developmental psychologist, what is your role in helping new parents promote healthy development for their newborn? What ethical dilemmas might you encounter when providing recommendations?
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