This week we are addressing the topic of gender and power. Based on what you have learned in this course and theories on gender and the state, what explains why there are so few women elected officials in the U.S.? Has political participation by women and men changed over time? Are boys and girls socialized  differently in terms of politics? Use examples in your analysis.This assignment is important to develop the skills necessary to prepare memoranda, subject-matter expert opinions for the government leaders, and the fire service as a whole. It is important for a fire service leader to articulate findings in a manner that leave little room for interpretation. For this project, use the same assembly occupancy you utilized in the Unit II assignment where you inspected egress points, capacity, capabilities, etc. You are going to submit a detailed supplemental inspection report to your district fire chief detailing the conditions of the exit capacity and corridors of the facility. Your report should also highlight considerations of overcrowding, limited visibility, human tendencies, or intricate behaviors. Besides determining the exit capacity of each exit in the facility, explain how people process information during a fire and how that interacts with the exits of your selected facility. Consider how herding will affect the exit capacity and decision-making toward exits, and identify concerns with the exits of this facility. Your report should be a minimum of two pages in length. You must provide at least three recommendations and support these recommendations with information from your readings. You will need a minimum of three sources total that must come from academic sources. This may include your required reading or any other supporting references. Your project, including citing outside sources, must follow APA style

Post 250 words, and APA format and cite all work and use references


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