Topic: Contemporary NursingHere are the following details of requirements for this paper:(Please ensure to provide contemporary references and a bibliography)Begin by preparing a brief synopsis of case study from your own clinical practice. This case study is to providethe basis from which you will then develop your response to the following question.NB: Do not use the person’s name or refer to the person as ’the patient’ or ‘the client’ – please use a pseudonym.In Britain, the 2014 Report of the Independent Commission on Whole Person Care “One Person, One Team, OneSystem” (link in assessment section of BB) proposes a novel model for a radical refocusing of health care delivery and is described as setting ‘out a blueprint for bringing our health care services into the 21st Century’ (Labour, 2013Notwithstanding that this report was commissioned by a political party, could you envisage this model working in your


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