Best Practice Paper

NM122 Best Practice Paper

You will be researching a “Best Practice” in an area of nursing you are interested in. You will describe the best practice and why you chose it. You will also need to summarize the findings of your articles that relate to your best practice. You will need to explain how this best practice is relevant to new nurses and lastly, what is the nurse’s role in evidence-based practice and research. You need to use a minimum of 2 recent (within the last 3 years), peer-reviewed, scholarly articles that you include with your submission. Your paper must be 3-5 pages and follow APA formatting. Please follow the rubric below for paper structure.

CriteriaPointsTotal Points
Thoroughly describe the “best practice” and explain why you chose this “best practice”5pts
Thoroughly summarize the overall findings of the research (supported with scholarly sources)10pts
Explain why the “best practice” you chose is relevant to new Nurses5pts
What is the nurse’s role in evidence-based practice and research10pts
Thoughts flow cohesively throughout the paper5pts
3-5 page. Written assignment which reflects proper use of APA format: including cover page, introduction, body of paper, conclusion, references,in-text citations, proper grammar and spelling.10pts
Use of and cited correctly two recent (within last 3 years) peer reviewed, scholarly nursing articles3pts
Attach both articles used (1 pt each)2 pts

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