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1. Which of the following is considered a component of lipids?
A. Plasma cells B. Fatty acids C. Nucleic acids D. Zinc
2. Down’s syndrome affects chromosome ____.
A. 13 B. 15 C. 21 D. 23
3. Blood enters the lungs from which chamber of the heart?
A. Right atrium B. Left atrium C. Right ventricle D. Left ventricle
4. Excessive consumption of alcohol is most likely to damage which organ of the body over a long period of time?
A. Kidney B. Liver C. Pancreas D. Gallbladder
5. Which of the following is not considered a type of radiation ray?
A. Gamma B. Beta C. Alpha D. Infrared
6. A molecule of hemoglobin can hold how many molecules of oxygen in the blood for transport?
A. 2 B. 4 C. 6 D. 8
7. Which of the following best describes the biomechanics of breathing?
A. Pump handle motion B. Lever action C. Inspiration D. Expiration
8. Animals that eat meat almost exclusively are known as:
A. Herbivores B. Carnivores C. Arthropods D. Prolific organisms
9. The physical expressions of a gene are known as an organism’s:
A. Transcription B. Genotype C. Phenotype D. Translation
10. A ball is traveling at a constant velocity of 50 m/s and has been traveling for over 2 minutes. What is the ball’s acceleration?
A. 0 B. 25 m/s C. 25 m/s D. 50 m/s2

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