. Using CHROME, Goto http://www.everycircuit.com

2. Create an account (use Chrome option). Your instructor will provide a license key to unlock the full version.

3. Using Everycircuit, complete the in class assignment. I have pasted it below for convenience. Remember that you have to run the simulation to see the current and voltages of each node.

4. You should place the 2 images in a Word document. if you send me only the images, you will lose 40 pts.

5. Submit the word document and turn in here.


For the circuit below,

1. Determine the number of unique nodes and branches.

2. Determine the voltage at each node if the negative side of the 9V battery is equal to 0V (Ground) as shown below.

3. Determine the voltage at each node if ground is located between R1 & R2.


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