This exercise builds upon Professional Assessment and Development Strategies (PADS) assignment you completed for Leadership in Health Care Administration (HAD 508). As you may recall, the PADS paper encouraged rigorous, structured self-assessment and detailed planning for improvement in leadership and professional competencies. In this exercise, you will expand, deepen, complement and/or revise the PADS insights in light ofDevelopments and lessons, both personal and professional, learned since HAD 508Relevant concepts and skills encountered in all of your HAD classesThe Summative Reflection and Assessment, like the PADS paper, emphasizes the goal of eloquentia perfecta in writing; however, this assignment also promotes excellence in verbal, one-on-one communication with fellow professionals, be they external mentors, colleagues, co-workers, supervisors, or prospective employers. In accordance with eloquentia perfecta, the goal is not just the clear and coherent articulation of complex ideas, but also the new and deeper insights that can be illuminated by authentic communication. This exercise uses reflection and discernment as tools to design courses of personal action.Specific RequirementsIn both the final oral examination and your preparation document, you must address each of the following. You can decide how much emphasis to place on each item.Assess your attainment of the MHA program competenciesEvaluate your career mobility and opportunitiesDescribe and evaluate the MHA degree and the program of study and describe the personal outcomes achievedIdentify and describe the types of mentors you should have and the help you need moving forwardCreate plans for involvement with ACHE and other professional organizationsRevisit your SWOT analysis and analyze the results of your PADS from HAD 508Describe the skills needed to advance in the profession and your healthcare organizationDescribe and explain the rationale for future educational plansDemonstrate critical thinking about issues of equity and social justice in healthcareDiscuss key aspects and outcomes of your MHA studies along with the next stepsAssess your community involvement and opportunities for service to othersIdentify leadership traits and characteristics that you wish to developAnswer the following:What are your strengths?How can you capitalize on them?What are your most powerful contributions?Where do they take you?Identify the top five things that you must change in your life and explain whyDiscuss other relevant areas  “Are you looking for this answer? We can Help click Order Now”


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