Please reply to the peer discussion and answer the questions she ask in the discussion. 150-200 words
Hi everyone! My name is Erica Rice. I’m 28 years old. I have been married to my high school sweetheart since 2014. We have one little boy named Harrison and he is two. My husband Jamie works full time on our farm while I work full time at our local hospital. I live in a small rural area in Ohio. I choose this class because it meets the requirement for the BSN program. This class seemed to be the best class that fits the medical field. From the topics over the next 7 weeks I’m most interested in the death and dying. I choose this because this past week at work I cared for a 60 year old gentlemen that recently received the diagnosis of terminal cancer and was given a very short life expectancy. In this short amount of time he was planning his our funeral and saying goodbye to his wife, 5 children and multiple grandchildren. Death is such a difficult topic to discuss and I’m hoping this will help me feel more comfortable communicating with the patient and family. My question is do men and women really receive different medical experiences just because of their gender? I personal have not ever experienced this in my work atmosphere but I wonder if I have just not been observant to it.


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