HLT310 Grand Canyon University Fetal Abnormality Case Study PaperJanuary 15, 2021

C06S : Business EthicsWhich is NOT a requirement for a facility to be considered a sweatshop?Unmitigated health and safety hazardsHigh temperaturesPoor working conditionsUnfair wagesHow have most businesses adapted to information technology developments?They have become larger and more unwieldy.They have become more hierarchical.They have become flatter, smaller, and more nimble.They have become more profitable.UNOCAL worked with the Burmese army to push the pipeline using:low-wage workers.forced labor.unethical land reclamation schemes.None of the aboveWhat is the “hardwired” Intention Principle?Harming by action is worse than harming by omission.Harming by omission is worse than harming by ignorance.Harming by physical contact is worse than without physical contact.Harming anyone for any reason is wrong.During the financial crisis in 2008, George W. Bush asked U.S. Congress to pass legislation to create a Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in the amount of:$1 trillion.$90 billion.$80 billion.$700 billion.China and Singapore are examples of what type of economies?Ones that favor free markets and globalizationOnes that favor individual property rightsOnes that favor government interventionOnes that favor competitionWhich of the following would negatively impact the effectiveness of market theory consumer protection?Low pricesMonopoliesHigh pricesMany competitorsWhich is the best description of intentional discrimination?The conscious and deliberate discriminatory act on an individualThe discrimination brought about by the unconscious biases of an individualThe acts of discrimination made by the few heads of an organizationThe discrimination that results from the routines and processes of large groupsWhich of the following is NOT a key consideration for an employer when impinging on an employee’s privacy?RelevanceConsentMethodsUtilityWhich of these is NOT a view on the duty of a business to its customers?Duty of care viewSocial costs viewContract viewNormative view
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