Part 1: Due Week 7 and Part 2: Due Week 10
“A good leader…is someone who has energy, can articulate a vision and inspire others to perform, makes the tough decisions, has the skill to deliver, and never fails to deliver the financials.”
Jack Welch
Leadership comes with many challenges. You need to motivate, inspire and encourage your teams to work toward common goals. This assignment offers you an opportunity to apply what you have been learning about leadership to a complex business situation. It is designed to help you synthesize the leadership practices we have studied so far into informed recommendations that address the challenges presented in the case.
For this
NOTE: Assignment 2 is broken down into two parts. You will submit Part 1 (Problem and Analysis) of this assignment in Week 7 and Part 2 (Executive Summary, Revisions to the Problem and Analysis, and Recommendations) in Week 10.
Part 1: Problem and Analysis
Due Week 7, Sunday (15% of final grade)
During Weeks 4-6, we have explored a number of leadership topics from the perspectives of both team members and team leaders. This assignment will help to integrate these topics with the materials from Weeks 1-3 of the course. As you work on the assignment, be sure to make use of all that we have learned from Week 1 through Week 7, e.g., personal leadership style, the DiSC, TKI, etc.

Read the case, Blake Sports Apparel and Switch Activewear: Bringing the Executive Team Together
Write a 4 – 6 page paper to address the following:

a. Risk to the Business: Despite the success of the business and the talent of individual team members, the Executive Team at Blake Sports Apparel suffers from a number of dysfunctions that are impacting the business. What are the biggest risks this business is currently facing? Explain your position and cite specific examples from the case to illustrate the potential impact of these risks.
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two-part assignment, you will evaluate how leaders can ensure collaboration and cohesiveness
among all team members. You will also demonstrate your ability to lead (e.g. appraise, evaluate, interpret,
etc.), through this case analysis. Be sure to consider suggestions from your reading of Lencioni’s, The Five
Dysfunctions of a Team. Additionally, this case analysis should incorporate concepts and examples from the
course lectures, discussions, videos, readings, and DiSC and TKI results.

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JWI 510: Leadership in the 21st Century Academic Submissions and Evaluation

Successes: It’s a natural tendency when exploring team dysfunction to focus only on the negative; however, Blake Sports Apparel and this Executive Team have a long track record of wins and high performance. Summarize the key successes and positive characteristics of this organization. What are the strengths of the Executive Team?
Analysis: Explore the possible causes for the team’s dysfunction, using the questions below to guide you. Include specific examples from the case to support your analysis.

How might the company’s early entrepreneurial success have sown the seeds for dysfunction as the business grew?
How would you characterize the level of trust, communication and information sharing among this group?
In what ways do alignment (or lack of alignment) around goals and incentives impact team performance and cohesion?
In what ways are the current team structures and decision making processes impacting the business?
In what ways do CEO Cameron Barker’s leadership style and history with the company contribute to the team’s dysfunction?

Professional Formatting Requirements:

References must be included and provide accurate information that enables the reader to locate the original source. Application and analysis of course materials and resources is expected, and additional research is welcome.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date.
The paper’s length is 4 to 6 pages, excluding your Cover page and Reference list

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