Case study. 150-200 words for each questions.

answering all the questions that appear at the end of each case. The format for the case studies is to have a cover page with your name, the case name, the date, the course name and a graphic if you so choose. Then type each question out before your answer. Each answer should be approximately 150- 200 words. I will review with the class briefly the proper APA method for writing to avoid any form of plagiarism. For each case study, Read the entire case and case relate questions that appear at the end. the proper format for each case study is to create a cover page with your name, the case name, the course name, and the date. On the following page type out each question and then your answer. Answer all questions. Please do these case study assignments in Microsoft Word, using a 12pt font and double spacing. When you are done with the case study analysis.
each case study should be in file alone, which mean will be four file the totally, and at least 2200 words for all of them


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