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The subject for the powerpoint project is Robots. Below is what the teacher specified.

If assigned an object tell me how this object has evolved through the years. Tell me how it started and where it is now. Tell me how it has changed, improved and possibly where we might go in the future with this object. Be sure to be true to the subject and don’t go off topic.
For example, MUSIC: Tell me how we’ve come to the digital recordings or digital instruments. I don’t need to know about a specific GENRE like Rock or Classical music.
Below are the criteria for the PowerPoint Presentation and the Video
PowerPoint Criteria
For the PowerPoint you must:

Research your subject
Find photographs
Your Presentation should not be your entire research assignment.


7 lines per slide (maximum)
7 words per line (maximum)

This does not mean that all of your slides need to have 7 lines with 7 words
Use key words and/or phrases to make your point
DO NOTcrowd the slides with too much text or pictures

Use the NOTES Pagesunderneath each slide to include some information you are going to talk about if/when presenting in front of an audience.
The purpose of the presentation is to give details, information or teach about a subject.
Be sure that your slides contain both text and pictures

There should not be any slides with pictures only

FORMAT the pictures/images that you’ve used

Be sure to include a slide transition

Use the same transition throughout the presentation
DO NOTmake the slides change automatically

Be sure to submit a PowerPoint Presentation and not a Slide Show. (Be careful on how you save it!)

DO NOTmake the slides change automatically
The Presentation MUST have a minimum of 15 slides.

Slide 1: Title
Slides 2 – 14: Presentation

Slide 15: Work Cited, Links, and resources
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