please read the article titled “Free Thinkers” from Wired magazine. 
Then think about what you learned from the article as it relates to this course:                         

    the way the course is structured, the way it would have been structured if you were in charge, what you learned and what you could have learned; 
    the way children are taught about literature, the way they could learn if they were in charge, what children learn or could learn; 
    the way the children you read to learned about literature from your interactions with them, the way they could have learned about literature if they had been in charge of those interactions, what they learned or could have learned if they had been in charge; or  
    something else that you would have been asked to think about if you were in charge of writing this exam.

Now write a well-organized essay about something that interests you related to the thoughts provoked by your reading and any of the topics above.  Please be specific and use examples to support your points.
“Free Thinkers”- 

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