Organizational OverviewChoose an organization to be the focus of your final research project and prepare a detailed overview of the organization. Choose an organization that you are familiar with or that you would like to research. Choose wisely to ensure that sufficient information is readily available through our online database library or through the Internet.You  will present an overview focused on the organizational structure, industry/product line, geographical locations, management, leadership, departments, divisions, other operational functions, and any other organizational components that you consider important.Highlight the organizational statements of vision, mission, and values.
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Assess the alignment of the structure with the organizational statements as they relate to diversity.Support your conclusions using the Cantu (2009) video and the Kirkhaug (2009) article as two of your sources. The body  should be THREE to FIVE pages— APA format.***  REQUIRED REFERENCES***Cantu, J. L. (2009, June 02). Management cybernetics: Science of effective organization [Video file]. Retrieved from, R. (2009). The management of meaning: Conditions for perception of values in a hierarchical organization. Journal of Business Ethics, 87(3), 317-324. (ProQuest Document ID: 1776913471).


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