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Performance management is a continual process of identifying, measuring, and developing individual and/or team performance, and aligning performance with organizational strategy. Coaching is one way in which an administrator can take an active role in the development of his or her team.
In this assignment you will create a guide for administrators for coaching their employees. This will be for an organization of your choosing. Note: your coaching guide is not directed at a specific individual, but is for the benefit of a particular organization and specific job function.
Include in your paper:

A very brief description (no more than 1 page) of the organization and employee job function that will receive the coaching.
Your proposed model / process of coaching (see the book for examples, and seek the literature for other potential examples of models / processes).
Best practices for giving feedback.
Potential pitfalls to avoid in coaching.

Your paper needs to be APA style, using APA section headings, 6-7 pages double spaced (plus cover and reference page), with at least 3 scholarly references.

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